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Combat Arms Reloaded Night on May 11th @ 9pm CST  


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02/05/2019 5:03 pm  

Im going to quote Silent from our previous event ? 

"All you long lost motherf***ers, bring your a*s around tonight. Order your pizza's, buy you beer, and get comfortable. ⚔️" -Silent

***Attention EVERYONE.... We will be having Combat Arms Reloaded night on the May 11TH  starting @ 9 PmCST.***

This game is FREE & Available on STEAM!           So NO excuses!

Please show up, show out, and come have fun! Make sure you fire it up/download it ahead of time to get all the latest updates/patches installed. If your not into the game you can still come in to laugh and experience what this community was built from. 

We will mod the rooms and change it up into different game modes with some fun made up rules probably give some shit away, maybe a couple quick competitions. If you can be here bring your ass on. "Disclaimer... do not bring no negativeness, bullsh*t, or any other nonsense with you come to escape for a bit. We will do this monthly/bi-monthly going forward." -Silent

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