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Combat Arms Night  


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30/03/2019 8:07 pm  

All you long lost motherfuckers, bring your ass around tonight. Order your pizza's, buy you beer, and get comfortable. ⚔️

*Attention.... We will be having Combat Arms night tonight officially starting @ 8 Pm Central Fire it up make sure your updates are recent and/or you have it downloaded. Should be fun, come to play laugh and enjoy what we started with, I will purchase Elite and I am sure one or two others will as well. We will mod rooms with different game modes. Fun made up rules, like smear the queer (Quarantine) no offense to anyone lol. Probably give some shit away, maybe a couple quick competitions/some karaoke (Duo and Guild will have a duet) I am calling you all out including you Monkii (who says he doesn't play combat anymore) If you can be here bring your ass on. Disclaimer... do not bring no negativeness, bullshit, or any other nonsense with you come to escape for a bit. We will do this monthly/bi-monthly going forward ?