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The TF Code of Conduct is simply what we stand for. Not only is it a guideline for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of community we choose to be, and what we are looking for. TaskForce is a trusting clan first. This includes zero tolerance for hacking or any other malicious or unfair game modding.

All members agree to the Code of Conduct upon being accepted into the community, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully and preserve the respected image of the community.

Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in removal from TaskForce 626.

1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner

2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible

3. Project a positive image of yourself and the community to others

4. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s)

5. Remind other TaskForce members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private

6. Promote fellowship within the game community

7. Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members

8. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship

9. Maintain TaskForce loyalty

10. No heated debates about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games.

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