We Are

A gaming community growing to cultivate more games desired by you and to become a bigger and more diverse family from all over the world!


We offer a variety of services to our members including


Our admins take inputs from the community and is gearing to adapt to our growing number of members and working to setup a system that will better incorporate the many different games that spikes interest within our community.


We currently offer our members a few simple resources to make things easier when it comes to linking up with others who play similar games which would include Community Discord, Facebook Group, and our Steam group.


So let me guess, you either stumbled upon us interested in joining a gaming community, or one of our members suggested that you check us out. Well if we got you hooked and you want to get involved into an amazing community, simply join us in discord and lets get gaming!.

We Strive To Maintain A Healthy Gaming Environment


Our top priorities is maintaining an atmosphere free of drama that everyone
can enjoy. While being the best is important, so is respect among others.

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